Sunday, November 21, 2010


I am just back from a wonderful few days in slightly, yet sweetly dilapidated Gijón where I installed the first public demonstration of iMine, a new experimental art-app for Android and iPhone.

What is iMine? It is digital art, in the particular sense that (as readers of other articles on this site will know) explores the materiality of the digital. This app, and the associated web resources is designed as a sort of portal to vast realms of real and possible research into the real material conditions of the origin of digital media, that is, in the material of the hardware which has its genesis in the minerals of the earth. This is accomplished through a game interface, which is itself a dramatization of these conditions.

iMine ventures back to the humble and often primitive conditions where the minerals which will become this technology are originally exhumed. It is an assertion of the human facts at the mine head, the actual workers who actually laboured to bring forth the minerals which frazzle and fritz inside circuits and chips to maintain this text so seamlessly legible on the surface of your display right now.

Friday, November 12, 2010

No Ethnic Cleansing without Poetry

Back with a bang with a video of an appearance of a certain noted Slovenian thinker ruffling up the hastily cobbled together surface of our global citizen identities. I don't like his militarism, but he was actually in the military and I wasn't so maybe he knows something I don't (which makes me wonder what it would be like to be a soldier in his army), but I think we agree on at least one essential point, that the future of the left is not "liberal capitalism with a human face" but something radically different.