Friday, July 3, 2009

a blog with a purpose

Hello and welcome to my blog about my forthcoming book on Atropos Press "Gratitude for Technology" in which I will explain why and in what respects I think we should be grateful for the amazing stuff this webpage, for example, is made of.

From the text on the back cover:

Gratitude for technology is not gratitude to something or someone in particular, but first and foremost, a simple conscious resonance of acknowledgement and appreciation for a history of collaborative human relations which has produced the support for the technologised lives we are able to enjoy today.

In this text, Gottlieb proposes a mimeolography, a syntax of human forms, as a way to convey, image and model these constellations of human interaction across history in an audio-visual media 'objet philosophique' for the contemplation and concentration of gratitude.

so, the book is theory and an art project at the same time...applied philosophy and philosophical applications. I'll be back here as soon as get some new about the progress with the printing.

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